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 For many years the company holds powerful, stragetic partnerships with top international corporations:

Hy-Line USA: Hy-Line International is a world leader in poultry layer genetics with a rich history of innovation. Founded in 1936, by Henry A. Wallace, Hy-Line was the first poultry breeding company to apply the principles of hybridization to commercial layer breeding. www.hyline.com

Sasso franche:  to be the alternative, defending aviculture which respects both human and animal and to be the safeguard of genetic diversity. www.sasso.fr

Babolna Continuing the 200-year-old tradition of animal breeding has become the aim of Bábolna Tetra Kft. www.babolnatetra.com

Salmet Germany: SALMET is successfully developing and manufacturing high quality poultry equipment in it's own high tech German factory.  www.salmet.de

Riva Selegg Italy: Technologically advanced egg graders.  www.rivaselegg.com