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Our Company history


Kyriakos Tseronis, the company’s “grandfather” establishes a small hatchery in Kato Kifisia. His brother Nikos Tseronis who lives in United States gets in touch with Hy-Line and so the production of egg day-old chicks begins from the American hybrid Hy-Line


Takis Georgasopoulos becomes “father’’ of the company. He decides to relocate the facility to Avlona Attikis. A new Hatchery and rearing houses for parent stock are built always in collaboration with Hy-Line.


Parent stock together with day old chicks production are increased. At that time the collaboration with Balkan countries and countries of the Middle East begins.


Construction of the first rearing house for egg pullets


The collaboration with German company SALMET starts and cage systems are installed in the Greek market. Also the cooperation with the Italian Riva Selleg is a fact and so the first egg graders are sold in Greece.


Konstantinos Georgasopoulos takes over the business and a second rearing house is constructed.


Construction of the third rearing house for 50.000 egg pullets
Total capacity annually = 750.000 egg pullets
Our company has experienced staff. Vaccinations against important poultry diseases and free access to nutritionally balanced diets are provided, giving our birds a healthy and safe living environment. Our flocks are under the supervision of caring veterinarians, nutritionists and flock supervisors at all times.
We keep long standing collaboration with international corporations.

For many years we maintain strategic & strong partnerships with leading companies abroad.


A world leader in poultry layer genetics with a rich history of innovation.

Riva Selegg

Riva selegg produce, and sell-through retailers and distributors, mechanical egg graders from 2.220 to 12.000 eggs/hour and electronic egg graders from 6.000 eggs/hour.


SALMET is developing, manufacturing and distributing high quality poultry equipment

Bábolna Tetra Kft

Produces Layer hybrids for intensive production and slow growth broilers and dual-purpose breeds.


Produces reliable and high performing products, including the best brown layer in the world.


A new alternative layer breeding company