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Hy-Line White

The geneticists and breeders at Hy-Line have worked for many years to produce the excellent performing layer Hy-Line White. This was achieved through a balanced selection process, taking into account several traits such as egg production rate, viability, feed convertibility and internal and external egg quality. These characteristics are the main factors that determine profitability for an egg producer that has the Hy-Line White.


Rearing Period ( 0 – 17 weeks)

Body Weight at 17 weeks: 1.250 – 1.300 gr.
Livability: 98%


Laying Period ( 17-100 weeks)

Livability at 100 weeks: 92%
Days to 50% Production (from hatch): 140 days
Percent peak: 95-96%
Hen-Day Eggs to 100 weeks: 468-483
Body Weight at 100 weeks: 1.700 – 1.800 gr.
Egg weight at 100 weeks: 64.0-66.7 gr./egg
Shell strength: Excellent

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