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ISA White

Combining excellent livability, extended production cycles, superb persistency, and an excellent feed conversion ratio, the ISA White consistently produces high numbers of first quality eggs. Docile behavior and excellent livability allows the ISA White to adapt easily to a variety of environments and housing systems. ISA White eggs are strong shelled with excellent internal quality, making them suitable for both table eggs and egg processing markets.


Rearing Period ( 0 – 17 weeks)

Body Weight at 17 weeks: 1.200-1.300 gr.
Livability: 98%


Laying Period ( 17-100 weeks)

Livability at 100 weeks: 93%
Days to 50% Production (from hatch): 140 days
Percent peak: 95-96%
Hen-Day Eggs to 100 weeks: 468-483
Body Weight at 100 weeks: 1.650 – 1.780 gr.
Egg weight at 100 weeks: 64.0-65.6 gr./egg
Shell strength: Excellent

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