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NOVOgen Brown

The NOVOgen BROWN is a brown bird with white under feathering, producing brown eggs. The NOVOgen BROWN produces a high eggs mass with high quality. Easy to manage, calm, the NOVOgen BROWN is the bird you are looking for. With the NOVOgen BROWN, its excellent egg quality and its potential of production, you will optimize your profit

Rearing Period (0 – 18 weeks)

Body Weight at 18 weeks: 1.500-1.580 g
Livability: 97 – 98%

Laying Period (18-90 weeks)

Livability at 90 weeks: 93-95%
50% of production at: 140 – 147 days
Peak of production: 93-95%
Egg number /hen housed at 90 weeks: 404-408
Average egg weight at 90 weeks: 63.0-64.0 g
Shell strength: Excellent